will and trust, estate planning


There can be no more despairing aspect of the death of yourself or a loved one than issues involving the remaining estate.  At a minimum each person should have a Will designating what the person wants to happen with his or her estate.  If you have minor children, you probably don’t want them to go into the care of the State for even a moment.  You can designate a guardian and conservator for your minor children in even a simple will, someone that you want your children to be raised by if you die before they reach adulthood.  If you want a certain person to have specific items of your property, you need to include that in your will.

If you have a more complicated estate, you may want to consider setting up a trust.  A trust can protect your assets now and make sure that your income producing assets, or any others that you wish to place in your trust, are divided according to your wishes now and upon your death.

Come in and talk to me about estate planning and I will address your needs and concerns.