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Why You Need an Experienced Attorney


Lawyers have been studying the law for many years. They are experts in the legal procedures which ordinary people like you and I are unfamiliar with.

They know what legal documents to file, how and when to properly fill out and submit legal forms, the statute of limitations and legal technicalities.

A bankruptcy lawyer that has tons of experience in handling similar cases to yours has the ability to know if you can win a case or not.

An attorney also has the ability to negotiate for fair or higher settlements with insurance companies or the opposing lawyer.

Count the Cost

What kind of legal issue are you facing? A criminal case may have you ending up behind bars, while a civil suit may cost you a lot financially.

Hiring the best counsel available in these instances gives you a higher chance that you will win your legal battle.

If you don’t have any idea about the law, following the wrong process or filing a wrong document can spell more disaster for your case, such as filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy lawyers know the protocol, deadlines and how to properly fill out legal documents. One late or incorrect filing can either delay your case or have it dismissed by the court. If your adversary has legal counsel and you don’t have one, you are at a huge disadvantage. The opposing side can take advantage of this situation, and pounce on you.

You will likely end up settling for much less than you were entitled to.

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Bankruptcy Lawyer Ted Kenneth Godfrey

Ted’s 30 years of experience have given him a treasure chest of knowledge in negotiation plus procedural and courtroom expertise. This the main reason why he is one of the top bankruptcy lawyers in Ogden UT.

He studied high school in Ogden and graduated from Weber State University. He studied law at J.Reuben Clark Law School in Brigham Young University.

He has a heart for Adoption cases, and considers it the most rewarding area of law practice. A happy family is all that matters and helping clients add to their family is priceless.

Having appeared in almost every court in the State of Utah, he had represented clients for cases involving Adoption, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies, Criminal Defense, Divorce, Guardianship, Business Establishments, Paternity, Wills & Trusts and Estate Planning.

Based in Ogden, Ted is ready to provide the best legal advice and representation possible to clients all across the state of Utah.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you are being arrested and charged, the law requires that your Miranda Rights are read to you.

If you are charged, and the arresting officers fail to read your Miranda rights, any evidence produced for the case against you can’t be used in court.

The case is not likely to be dismissed, so your criminal defense lawyer should ask for a dismissal on the basis that there is no evidence.

Many people have the wrong notion that you can’t own anything for some time after filing for bankruptcy. This is not the case. You will own your exempt property and anything you obtain after you file for bankruptcy.

On the other hand, if you receive an inheritance, a property settlement or life insurance benefits within 180 days after a bankruptcy filing, the proceeds may have to be paid to your creditors if the money or property is not exempt.

Child custody mediation is done by both parents and their advocates meeting with a third party to agree on what is best for their child or children. It allows the two parties to talk and discuss child custody. This is more cost-effective than going through the court system.

Utah courts will always look at factors that will determine the best interest of the child. Many of these factors can depend on what the parents would like to do for the child. In some cases, the court may consider the child’s preference.

This would depend on how quickly you can provide your legal counsel with the information needed to prepare your bankruptcy paperwork.

Bankruptcy filing usually takes from one to seven days. In cases of emergencies, your lawyer may be able to file on the same day if you can provide sufficient information.

If you don’t have the means to pay for a private lawyer, getting a public defender is an option you can consider.

Take note that public defenders handle many cases, and may not have the time to focus on your case the way private lawyers can.

Facing a criminal case is a serious matter. The stakes are high, so it is advisable to get an experienced criminal lawyer to handle your case.

Criminal lawyers can now offer payment plans to make it easier for clients. You can now have the best defense for your case without the burden of paying huge upfront fees.