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Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement Expert in Ogden Utah

Godfrey Law can help you get a fresh start

There are instances when bankruptcy is not the best option when facing a ton of debts.

At Godfrey Law, we have helped families in Utah slash their total debt by as much as 50% to 80%. That’s thousands of dollars saved that can be used for other necessary family expenses.

We will help you negotiate affordable debt settlement plans so that you can avoid the pitfalls of filing for bankruptcy.

No debt settlement cases are the same. Some creditors may ask for a lump sum payment before they agree on a considerable discount.

There is no cookie-cutter solution, so you need to learn and understand your options before making significant decisions.

What is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement is the process of negotiating for an agreement with your creditors for less than the total balance owed.

The majority of creditors are very open to settling debts, and with the correct approach, you can get up to a 50% reduction in the total balance owed.

Utah debt settlement cases may take time depending on the kind, amount, and the number of debts you want to settle.

Credit card debt settlement cases usually take 3 to 9 months to get resolved.

Experience with Debt Settlement

Godfrey Law have been handling Debt Settlement cases for Utah residents since 1984. That’s a ton of experience in helping families get through every scenario you can think of.

We would love to share information on the process that may help you make significant decisions.

The stress can be daunting when negotiating for a debt settlement. We can represent you and bargain for the lowest possible settlements.

There are many pitfalls in debt settlement negotiations, and once you make a mistake, it can cost you thousands.

Why not leave all the legwork to us?

Creditors who negotiate with bankruptcy lawyers are wary that filing for bankruptcy can be done if debt settlements don’t pan out.

They don’t want to end up getting nothing when bankruptcy is filed, so they open up to negotiations and give out the best settlement deals possible.

Beware of Debt Settlement Companies

Many debt settlement companies charge exorbitant upfront fees and promise you the moon.

Most often than not, these are promises that they can’t keep. Some companies even pretend to be law firms.

They will ask you to go delinquent on your payments or request that you pay them monthly to build a reserve fund for payment to creditors.

People who make the mistake of hiring debt settlement companies end up with lawsuits and paying thousands of dollars without any results.

They end up filing for bankruptcy, which they could have done from the start.

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