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Gun Crimes

Gun Crimes Defense Expert in Ogden, Utah

Americans have the right to bear arms that is protected by the United States Constitution.

More constitutional rights enter the picture when you are arrested and charged with a gun crime.

Utah laws on gun control are more lenient compared to other states, but there are complex laws for owning, selling or carrying a weapon.

This leaves Utah residents confused about what is legal, and what is a crime, when it comes to carrying or using a weapon.

Have you been charged with a weapons-related case?

You could be charged with breaking either a state or federal law. In either case, you should take it seriously because guns are deadly weapons.

Gun charges and crimes committed with weapons carry severe penalties in all states and at the federal level, as well.

In Utah, an armed robbery conviction can get you a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

A simple gun discharge can result in a penalty of up to seven years of jail time.

Even if you have lawful permits to carry firearms, it doesn’t exempt you from facing serious charges if you are not familiar with the limitations of your license.

You need an expert gun crimes defense lawyer who knows and supports your Second Amendment rights.

Godfrey Law can provide defense strategies for state or federal gun laws.

Here are weapons-related cases that we can handle for you:

  • Armed Robbery
  • Homicide with a Gun
  • Possession or Sale of Illegal Weapons
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Carrying Concealed Weapon without a Permit
  • Legal Discharge

These gun crimes carry lengthy jail sentences. Utah courts punish offenders severely, as they take gun crimes seriously.

Experience with Gun Crimes Defense in Utah

We have been handling gun crime cases for Utah residents since 1984. That’s a ton of experience in helping families get through every scenario you can think of.

We would love to share information on the process that may help you make significant decisions.

If you are facing a serious weapons charge, you can do some serious jail time. Felony convictions can have severe impacts on job security, housing and future education plans.

The stress can be daunting when dealing with serious gun charges. We can represent you, and help you keep you out of prison.

We can also provide legal advice on carrying a gun in Utah.

Motions to Suppress

It is common for law enforcement officers to find weapons in the course of serving a search warrant or executing an arrest.

Searches and search warrants must be backed up by probable cause.

Your constitutional rights might have been violated if evidence was taken as a result of an unreasonable search and seizure.

We can help you file a motion to suppress in court.

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