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Sex Crimes

Sex Crime Defense Expert in Ogden, Utah

Sex crimes in Utah have light penalties that include jail time and massive fines.

You also wouldn’t want your name to be added to the sex offender registry, which can result in getting kicked out of your job.

Imagine having your photo as a registered sex offender shown on the internet for all the world to see.

A sex crime conviction can have a lifetime impact on your career. Your job prospects and career opportunities will diminish, and you can also be prevented from residing in certain areas.

A sex charge can tarnish your reputation and affect your family.

Due to the severe consequences of your predicament, there is no question that you should get professional help from the best sex crime lawyers available.

At Godfrey Law, we keep your case strictly confidential. Protecting your reputation is our utmost priority.

Our sex crime experts can handle all types of cases which include:

  • Sexual Solicitation
  • Child Rape
  • Enticing a Minor
  • Forcible Sex Abuse
  • Aggravated Sexual Assault
  • Rape
  • Sexual Acts without Consent
  • Child Pornography
  • Indecent Exposure and Lewd
  • Conduct
  • Internet Related Sex Offenses

We will work hard to reduce charges, or have your case dropped. Our goal is to keep you out of jail and protect you from felony convictions.

We will also ensure that you have a clean record, so that you can get back to leading a normal life.

Experience with Sex Crimes Defense in Utah

Many innocent people are convicted of sex crimes because of poor representation, or having no representation at all.

Sex crime cases often require a trial by jury. This is not the time to gamble on an inexperienced attorney, or worse, represent yourself.

We have been handling Jury trials and have won acquittals on sex crimes for Utah residents since 1984. That’s a ton of experience in helping families get through every scenario you can think of.

We would love to share information on the process that may help you make significant decisions.

The stress can be daunting when dealing with sex-related cases. We can represent you, and help keep you out of prison.

Our experience and knowledge about Utah sex crime laws and representing sex offenders can be invaluable to your defense.

We are committed to helping you avoid harsh sentences for your sex crime case.

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We have an advanced technology-driven process management system in place that leads to the best results at lower costs.

We provide ingenious and cost-effective solutions for all your legal issues.

We are proud to be based in Utah and are committed to helping families that call Utah home.

Don’t let sex crimes ruin your reputation.

If you, or a family member, are facing sex-related crimes, you should not face this situation alone.

Let’s talk! Allow us to help you get a fresh start!

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