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When Do You Need A Debt Defense Attorney In Ogden, UT?

 Debt Defense Attorney Ogden UT

A valid defense and counterclaim are the right reasons to hire a debt defense attorney in Ogden, UT. Unfortunately, human as we are, we cannot avoid unprecedented instances that keep us from falling behind in paying our credit cards and other debt instruments. It can result in unstoppable calls and even threats from debt collectors while trying to get you to pay. Seeking a debt defense lawyer such as Godfrey Law in Utah will keep you in advance and gives you access to the best possible information available to defend you.

Common Reasons to seek Legal Advice from a Debt Defense Attorney in Ogden, Utah

Debt Collectors are calling you every time at home and work

Getting many calls from your debt collectors can be annoying, especially if they call you non-stop, even after agreeing on an arrangement. It might be the right time to hire a debt defense attorney who can speak to your creditors and discuss your rights.

You have reviewed your finances.

When you conclude that you could not repay your loans after carefully reviewing your finances, getting help is the best solution. A debt defense attorney can help you with your debt settlement, debt counterclaims, and bankruptcy significant to your situation.

Your Debt Collector is Threatening You

If your debt collector is threatening you or has filed a lawsuit, you need to have a debt defense lawyer beside you. Likewise, if you feel that your debt collector is treating you in an abusive way, you should get legal help to protect your rights as a consumer.

Steps that you should take before hiring a debt defense attorney in Ogden, Utah

Gather all your paperwork related to your debts

When filing for a counterclaim for your debts, you must keep all the debt collection processes documented. If you received any phone calls or emails, you need to keep track of the time and contact logs to build your proofs.

Seek help from an attorney to go over your case.

You can contact a debt defense lawyer for a consultation first before you decide on hiring one. At Godfrey Law Ogden, Utah, we offer a free consultation to any legal case that you may have. It is crucial to let a debt defense lawyer go over your lawsuit. To ensure that you have not missed any detail critical in defending your case. 

Let your debt defense attorney you’re interviewing ask you questions

Several successful debt defense claims stem from violations of consumer protection laws. The attorney you’ll be hiring will ask questions to formulate a defense strategy. Good record keeping will help you answer these questions on the actual trial.

Is it worth it to hire a debt defense attorney Ogden Utah?

After having a consultation with a legal counsel or a debt counselor, you’ll know if you have the potential to win the case. A debt defense attorney is the one person who can help you bring it to court. If your creditor is illegally harassing you, hiring a debt defense lawyer will keep your creditors from doing such illegalities. A strong proof of counterclaims is an excellent reason also to seek help from a legal professional. At Godfrey Law Ogden, Utah, we offer free consultation, and we have the most affordable rates in town. 

Pick Godfrey Law Ogden, UT, the right debt defense attorney for you

At Godfrey Law Ogden, Utah, we have actual and proven experience dealing with legal cases, even in high-stakes situations. We are more than happy to talk with you and develop the best possible solution to get the most desirable result. Don’t take risks with an inexperienced debt defense attorney who can mess up your case. Call us now at 801-621-7445 or book your appointment online today!