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Should You Hire a Debt Defense Attorney If Your Creditor Sues You?

 Debt Defense

The question of whether you should hire a debt defense attorney or not depend on various factors. Does the creditor have a strong case? How much do you need to spend to defend yourself against the lawsuit? Is debt collection possible?

What Happens if a Creditor Sues You For Debt?

Creditors use lawsuits as their debt collection strategy. It is an effective method, and that is why many people seek out the help of a debt defense attorney.

You Get Sued

It all starts when a creditor sues you and your co-signer in court. The creditor explains in the lawsuit what it is about and the purpose it serves. They want only one thing. They want you to pay back the money you owe along with its interest rate. They may also want you to cover the court costs and the attorney fees.

You Get Served

You will get a copy of the complaint and court summons once the collection agency, creditor, or attorney sues you. Many debt collectors believe that people will not attend the hearing, and the court files a default judgment. Hire a debt defense attorney right away before this happens.

You Get a Default Judgement

The court will issue a default judgment if you fail to attend your court hearing. When this happens, the creditor will be able to garnish your wages, put a lien on your assets, and freeze the money in your bank account. You should work with a debt defense lawyer to help you with the lawsuit.

How Do You Respond to a Lawsuit

Never ignore the lawsuit because it will put your property, wages, and bank account at risk. Hire an attorney and work on a debt defense. You may find attorneys who offer a free consultation, and you have to pay their legal fees if you win your case. A debt defense attorney can come up with a defense that you do not know. They will help you write a complete and appropriate response and represent you in court. If you attend the hearing and have a strong debt defense, the court may dismiss the lawsuit against you.

How to Find a Blog Defense Attorney?

How can you find a lawyer who knows how to deal with debt collection lawsuits? Here are a few places where you can look.

Ask other lawyers. If you have worked with other lawyers in the past, you can ask them for a referral.

Ask friends and family. Consider asking the people close to you if they can give you the names of attorneys they trust.

Check online directories. It will help you find qualified debt defense attorneys. Screen every lawyer on your shortlist to determine their competence and reliability.

Legal aid organizations are great places to look for legal representation. They offer legal assistance to people who belong to low-income families or those who receive government assistance.

State or local bar associations have a list of debt defense lawyers who may help you with your lawsuit.

The Cost of Hiring a Debt Defense Attorney

Consider how much you owe before you hire a debt defense attorney even if you have a strong defense against the lawsuit. Just like any other service, you have to pay fees for their legal services. Hiring a lawyer to defend you over a small debt may not make sense if the fees you have to pay for the legal representation exceeds the amount of your debt.

However, even a small debt can cause you a lot of problems if the creditor obtains a judgment against you. They will not only ask the court to make you pay your debt but also include the fees for their legal representation. At this point, it may be worth hiring a debt defense lawyer to help you settle a debt for a reasonable amount.

Nobody wants to get sued over a debt. You can avoid this nightmare by hiring Godfrey Law. We will help stop creditors from getting a default judgment against you. We can stop unscrupulous collectors from taking advantage of you and ask you to pay for a debt you do not owe.

Godfrey Law has been around since 1984. We have helped a lot of people who were sued for debts. Don’t let debt problems control your life. Call us now at (801) 621-7445 for a free consultation.