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Planning on adding a child to the family through adoption?

At Godfrey Law, Adoption is an area of practice that is close to our hearts. Adding to a family is always a blessing, and this should not be taken lightly.

We can provide guidance to help you get through the whole process.

Our 30 years of experience in practicing law in Ogden, Utah has given us the expertise to get you through all legal proceedings in the following types of adoption:

  • Private Adoption
  • Step-Parent Adoption
  • Agency Adoption
  • International Adoption

Adoption Done Right

Adoption laws in Utah are designed to be extremely favorable to adoptive parents, which is good news for those who have plans of adopting.

Godfrey Law ensures that your adoption process is done correctly. We help to protect you and your child from future family issues that may arise to give you peace of mind.

As an adoptive parent, you wouldn’t want to fail in your adoption process. Our team of expert family lawyers helps ensure that the birth parents’ rights are terminated quickly and legally.

We provide clear step by step procedures of adoption and guide parents through the steps for finalization.

Which Type of Adoption is Right for You?

If you are really decided on pursuing adoption, you need to decide which type of adoption you want to complete.

The requirements for each type will vary, so you need to take this into consideration with your spouse.

Private Adoption

This is one type of non-step-parent adoption. Private adoptions are done without the help or assistance of an agency.

Parents usually look for their adoptive child through referrals and advertising. You also acquire the services of an attorney to ensure the legal process is followed and finalized correctly.

This type of adoption is ideal for parents who want more control over the whole process. You will have a wider range of children to choose from, and you can gather the needed information about birth mothers and families compared to going through agencies.

There is also a chance that you will find a child sooner than you would if you went through an agency.

Agency Adoption

Agency adoption is similar to private adoption, but done with the help of an adoption agency. Costs are usually fixed and higher than private adoptions.

Expect a limited range of children to choose from, plus a longer waiting period before you pick your child.

Step-Parent Adoption

You will encounter a different set of procedures in Step-Parent Adoptions in Utah compared to regular adoption.

The main stipulation for this type is that the child being adopted must live with the custodial parent and the new step-parent for at least a year before the adoption process is started.

You must also have a written waiver or consent from the other non-custodial/biological parent so that the adoption process can proceed.

The process will take time, and you need the right attorney to help guide you. This is where we come in.

We make sure that all steps are followed correctly, so that adoption can be a success.

International Adoption

Just like other types of adoption, international adoption can be very rewarding. There are millions of orphans worldwide, and by choosing this type, you are giving a home to one of these precious orphans.

In this type of adoption, you are more likely to adopt an older child compared to a newborn. Expect to spend more for this type including agency fees, travel expenses, immigration document filing costs, court fees and staying in the country of the child.