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Child Custody

Worried about your child or children when you and your partner decide to part ways? Godfrey Law of Ogden, UT will be glad to help you out! Let’s talk!

Child custody, support and visitation rights undoubtedly are the most disputable and antagonistic issues included in a couple’s divorce proceedings. Understandably so since setting a schedule and time limitation to seeing or being with your child may be unfathomable to most parents. Consequently, there is much difficulty in coming up with an equitable agreement that would assuage both parties, and most importantly, that would determine what is best for the child.

On top of that, each parent may have different points of view with regard to what is best for their child. Herein comes the child custody mediation process where both parents confer with a third party, usually a family law attorney, to determine what is in the child’s best interest.

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A Child has Their Rights, too!

Ultimately though, when an agreement still has not been come up with, the Utah Family Court, as represented by a Utah District Court Judge, will review and assess the set of circumstances and decide what would be in the child’s best interest. The judge will have to take into consideration numerous factors and criteria to establish who will be appointed the custodial parent or primary caretaker/caregiver, the parenting schedule, the appropriate child support provisions and numerous other resolutions that, again, would be in the best interest of the child.

It would be wise for each parent to hire his or her own legal counsel as child custody is an utterly intricate legal process. A reputable legal counsel would be of invaluable service in giving assistance in connection with negotiations, managing the legal paperwork and court appearances. And here at Godfrey Law, we can do just that.

Your Child Will be in the Right Hands!

Child custody and child support laws are complex and perplexing, that it is most beneficial to hire a child custody lawyer to usher you through the course of creating a parenting plan and providing for a child support pledge. Having a child custody and support lawyer can also ensure that the agreement and orders are enforced and followed up. And should there be changes or modifications necessitated, your child custody support counsel could attend to that as well.

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